We, CentroTour Ltda (hereinafter referred to as "CtrL®") take the protection of your private data seriously and protect your private sphere when such data is processed, in compliance with the applicable laws on data protection.

These provisions on data protection give detailed information to you, as the user, about the type, extent and purposes of the collection, application and use of personal data by CtrL®, the provider responsible for these services.




CtrL® Services will process the user's personal data only to the extent necessary to justify and execute the CtrL®Services, for the content-related design or modification of the agreements on the use thereof, or for single business transactions. Data will furthermore only be processed if the user has given his/her consent herein.

In order to constantly improve and develop the CtrL® Services, CtrL® will make use of analysis tools to obtain information such as usage behaviour in the use of the CtrL® website, for how long, the origin of the user with regard to the channel, the name of the website accessed, files downloaded, date and time of access and the type of browser used etc. We will also use any data connected with the use of our services to create advertisements for our services that are optimised for the interests of the user.

We have the right to use your e-mail address which you have provided to us in the course of a booking for direct marketing purposes with respect to similar products or services of CtrL®. Should you not wish to receive advertisements for similar products or services, you can object to the usage of your e-mail address at any time. You may unsubscribe from our product recommendation by clicking on the respective link provided in each e-mail.



CtrL® will only transfer data to third parties for the purposes of fulfilling the contract or with the user's consent. In particular this includes CtrL® transferring the user's personal data to the required extent to transport service providers who have to carry the user.

Partner companies that are responsible for the technical processing of certain parts of the services offered by CtrL® (such as payment processing, dispatch of the driver's contact information etc.) will also obtain certain data to process in a so-called data processing procedure. In such cases, the amount of data transmitted will, however, be limited to the required minimum.

Personal data will only be transferred to government offices and authorities in accordance with mandatory statutory provisions.




CtrL® will always strive to process personal data taking all appropriate technical and organisational measures in order to ensure that they are secure and, in particular, that they are not accessible to unauthorised persons. In this respect, CtrL® expressly points out that communication by email cannot guarantee total data security. CtrL® thus advises any confidential information to be sent by post.


In order to protect the user's data against accidental or intentional manipulation, loss, destruction or access by unauthorised persons in the best way possible, CtrL® will take appropriate technical and organisational security measures that can be optimised constantly in accordance with technical development.



When CtrL® is used, data relating to the use is also saved automatically; this includes any websites visited, the length of each visit, the origin of the user with regard to the channel, the name of the website visited, the file, date and time of access, the quantity of data transmitted, report of successful access, browser type together with the version, the user's operating system, the referrer URL (the previously visited site which referred to the website of CtrL®), the IP address and the requesting provider. This data is used, to the extent legally permissible, in order to analyse, save and evaluate user behaviour, and to constantly improve and develop the service.

CtrL® will also collect this data using the technologies of third party service providers. In particular, in order to analyse the usage behaviour on the CtrL® site, we avail ourselves of the various functions offered by search engine providers, advertising networks and distribution partners around the world who connect to third party sites by clicking on advertisements. These technologies make it possible to measure the success of an advertising placement, also because we can use this to make the subsequent usage behaviour visible on our own websites.



For any questions or concerns on the topic of data protection or any other matter, please contact centrotour@centrotour.com.br .


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